How can I setup my range extender with an existing router

Do not force by drowning yourself into a brain teaser situation like this. Extender issues are commonly faced by everyone today. But there is nothing to be worried about. If we are there to share each and every view with you, then you should drop all your worries aside. It is a fact that in anger we ruin even the smallest things of us with our hands.

What can you do?

Every device even humans needs a daily updation. So we should advise you that update all your wired and wireless devices for better performance. In today’s era of modern technology, there are notifications shown for daily or weekly updation. Here also nothing is required except your one click.

You can go more often

  • Unbox your range extender and plug it into an electrical outlet with a good power supply.
  • Once you unbox it, place your range extender nearby your router i.e in the same room during the process of configuration. Once the installation is completed, you can move your device to it’s intend location, but do not exceed the limit. Avoid barriers f thick walls and interference of daily use metal appliances.
  • Do not over heat any of your devices, if you find so; shut all of them down for a short while.
  • Keep your router in an open place and its antennas should be in straight vertical position.
  • Do not hide your router, no matter how ugly it looks. The live Internet connection coming from your main router gives a big hand in making configuration easier with all your devices, and the wires of your routers are also to be set free.
  • After unplugging your device in case you are unable to see any LED’s on your range extender a well as the router. Unplug them wait for five minutes and plug them back again.
  • If this process also does not work, go for the WPS process, press and hold the WPS button on the router for ten seconds. Once done release it. You have to apply the same process on your extender as well.
  • Oops, this process also failed. No worries we have one more method, and we assure you that this process will 100% work for you.
  • You might be aware of factory reset hole on your device that is located at the back of your extender and the router. With the help of a paper clip, insert and hold the button and release it after 20 seconds and in the gap of 2 minutes apply the same process on your existing router.
  • This process will definitely show the LED’s on your range extender as well as on router. This is the main indication that your devices are connected with each other and are ready to work and extend the range of networks with each other.


Don’t give up, let us help you to resolve all your issues

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